ROLINE Audio Adaptador Digital para Analogue



Manufacturer: ROLINE

Product group: Adapters, Terminators, Converters

Product type: Digital Audio Converter

Colour: black

Scope of delivery: Media-Converter, Power Supplyl

Side 1 connection (PC): Toslink / Cinch

Side 2 connection (Peripherals): Cinch

Side 1 Connector Type: RCA (Cinch)

Side 1 Connector Gender: Female

Side 2 Connector Type: RCA (Cinch)

Side 2 Connector Gender: Female

Conversion direction: Toslink (optical) or RCA (coaxial) to analgoue Stereo 2x RCA

Area of application: External

Dimensions (HxWxD): 20 x 40 x 60 mm

Height: 27.5 mm

Width: 69.3 mm

Depth: 80.3 mm

Weight: 58 g